Pink salt, also known as “white gold”,  is harvested from one of the largest and oldest salt mines in Pakistan. The pink salt is extracted from Khewra salt mines, which lie south of the Himalayas. The Khewra salt mine is the only source of pink salt in the world.

In comparison to table salt,It is a much more natural salt as it has been minimally processed and is free of additives. The crystals contain up to 84 different trace elements and minerals which are missing from table salt. It is these minerals and, especially Iron which gives the salt its characteristic pink colour which ranges from white to various shades of pink and red.


Pink salt has the following dietary uses:

  1. It is used in cooking as a table salt alternative.
  2. To grill and sear meat
  3. Large blocks are used for animal licking

Pink salt has the following non-dietary uses:

  1. Salt therapy for respiratory problems
  2. Bath soak
  3. Himalayan salt lamps

We trade and supply Pink Salt from Karachi, Pakistan. It can be supplied in the form of finely grounded, coarsely grounded and/or whole slabs depending on buyer requirements.